Friday, April 1, 2011

Social Media for Business

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As a company that deals with both distributors and end users one would think we should be jumping all over this social media craze. Which I must admit there have been efforts put into evaluating if it's a good fit but for our company but that's about it at this point. When I started this blog a number of year's back it was at the suggestion of an internet marketing consultant. He said it would connect us directly to our customer base allowing a more personal interaction.

Not that I have been a saint at blogging but as you can see, there have been attempts lately to keep it more active...and personal. There was a time this space was used for sales announcements. That seems redundant to the Dynalab Corp. website. Back to the more personal area, isn't that how most of us use our social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? I know that's the case for me anyways. It's a way to connect with friends and family...but then again I am in my late 30's! I do follow a few business but they are mainly focused on things I enjoy like hotels where I vacation, restaurants that I enjoy and Barnes and Noble so I can keep up with Nook offerings. 

As you know, Dynalab Corp. sell plastic lab supplies, custom plastic fabrication and basic science equipment. Maybe people that really enjoy their jobs using our products would be interested in following this type of a company. It's hard to comprehend but entirely possible. This is one of those topics that requires a lot more thought before launching excessive time and efforts into tweets about plastic beakers!

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