Friday, April 29, 2011

Beaker anyone?

Overstock, a problem at every company especially a master distributor

The story starts with a customer that suddenly can't get enough of a product you previously sold minimally. This goes great for maybe a year or if you are lucky longer. MRP screams at the buyer, we NEED these! Stock is kept on hand to make sure the newly valuable business remains happy. THEN...

The orders stop, no notice, no explanation just cease and desist. Unfortunately this can take a month or 2 to realize so more stock comes in while little to none goes out.

Before you know it, the most popular item in the warehouse is suddenly stocked at 10 years or better! That takes a lot of overstock sales to regain control. That's where we are right now on this 100 mL Azlon Square Ratio PP Beaker. So long as you don't need more than 15,000 of these little beauties, please feel free to MAKE US AN OFFER we can't refuse!

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