Friday, April 15, 2011

Lean or lucky?

Tis the season...
vacation season! 

This is a time of joy and excitement, a break from the daily grind, unless you are the unlucky people still at work trying to cover all the bases! Next week is spring break for schools in glorious Rochester, NY. The time of year where kids run wild and adults make the decision to spend 3 times as much on airfare or drive way too far in one day to escape the early Spring blues.

Under normal circumstances, Dynalab Corp. is like a well oiled machine where although most people play more than one part, it all comes together for superior service to our customers. In a small company, such is life and we enjoy the challenges. Then comes vacation season and the world explodes, or so it feels like. You are convinced that at full staff it's just never this busy!

The real question then becomes does our company run lean or is it sometimes just luck? Well for the week we just completed we were a lean mean fighting machine coming together to cover a key customer service employee's absence in the beginning of what is our busiest time of the year. To add to the fun, I spent a good part of the week in our final ERP Review meetings so they were essentially cover for two people. The luck comes in when somehow our shortage matches everyone else's and it's quiet enough to survive. Better luck next week...or so I hope!

School spring break next week being combined with a regular holiday on Friday has the vacation request sheets flying in the door! I am hoping for a nice combination of lean and luck to get through four days of business. We have a great team that is dedicated to our customer's satisfaction. The difference for next week is that the same CSR is out again but I am breaking one of my own rules and heading out for a few days too. The only difference is that the laptop and Blackberry that enjoy my vacations.

Happy Spring Break to you all...I'm outta here!

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