Friday, July 15, 2016

Dynalab to exhibit at IFT16 in Chicago

Dynalab Corp. is excited to be a part of the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo in Chicago, Illinois from July 17th to the 19th.

Add IFT16 to your calendar, include it in your professional development or business development budget, and get ready to discover the industry's best science, most innovative strategies, and newest solutions to inform your work and improve your business. And did we mention the people you'll meet? Connect directly with the professionals leading these advances -- more than 23,000 top food science and technology experts from more than 90 countries, representing the most prominent organizations in the global food sector.

Please stop by booth 3862 to see our plastic, stainless and aluminum samplers, sterile Dippas® samplers, Baritainer® transport containers for food concentrates and general laboratory items.

Featured will be the new Burkle DispoSamplers. DispoSamplers are used to take samples of liquids, viscous media, powders and granulates. Target point, all-layer and cross-section samples can be taken, as well as small and large sample quantities. Unlike conventional reusable samplers, disposable samplers do not need to be cleaned after use. 

Profitability vs. quality - DispoSamplers answer your needs!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Afon benchtop science equipment overstock on LabX

Afon Benchtop Science Equipment Summer Overstock Sale!

Dynalab Corp. is listing various piece of Afon Science Equipment on LabX auctions for rock bottom prices including free domestic freight. All pieces include a 1 year warranty on parts and labor. Phone Christine at 800-828-6595 x112 with any questions and to place your order!

Touch Vortex Mixer for $60.50

• Designed to meet the requirements of today's fast paced lab
• Simple to use, rugged and one of the most economical units on the market today

• 120V/230V

Digital Microplate Shaker for $350.90

• Digital timer with up to 9 hours setting and speed control in 1rpm increment.
• High speed with small orbital distance
• Ideal shaking and agitating effects

• 120V/230V

Digital Dry Block Heater for $245

The Afon DBH Series dryblocks are engineered to be accurate, reliable and economical. A versatile series offers different block configurations and block sizes.

The DBH-3-200-01 unit can be configured with three separately controlled blocks. The units accept standard aluminum blocks which makes them perfect for any lab.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Sampling devices fine new home in craft beer market

But we sell lab supplies, what does that have to do with making craft beer?

Craft beer is all the rage these days. Across the nation it seems that there is a craft beer festival or expo every weekend, especially now that Summer has arrived.

It was no surprise when Dynalon's sales team thought that attending these craft beer shows would be worth their time... it would have been worth my time as I sit behind this computer!

They were right, our sampling devices definitely fit a niche and the list of brewing and wineries in our customer database began to grow. The interest in our plastic lab supplies is so intense that we have developed new products to fit their market! The new wide orifice graduated pipette is a direct result of a craft brewery inquiry. Our custom plastic fabrication department has also seen requests for custom spill containment trays to fit brew rooms across the nation.

 Rochester Real Beer Expo
Fortunately our hometown of Rochester, NY has seen quite an insurgence of breweries making local connections a mutually beneficial experience. Local is a focus word in many communities these days... shop local, eat local, drink local!

Saturday, June 11th is the Rochester Real Beer ExpoThis is the anchor event of the Rochester Real Beer Week, Rochester’s premier annual craft beer tasting event. Rochester Real Beer Week 2016 will be held June 10 through June 19, 2016. This is a week long event throughout the city spanning over 50 local venues with daily events listed on their website.

As a long time employee of Dynalab Corp. it looks like it is time to support both my company and my community by attending an event or two over the weekend. It just seems like a good career move!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Product Discontinuation Notice


Dynalon Product Number: 364605 & 364615
Description: Dynalon Stopcocks LDPE, Fit Tubing ID 9mm and 12mm respectively
Reason for Discontinuation: Product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and will not be replaced.

Date: Current, until stock is depleted.

Substitution: New 2-way Tubing Stopcocks below

NEW Stopcocks made of PP and PE are for industrial use for the transfer of liquids and gases. They can withstand operating temperatures of 5˚C up to 40˚C. Resistant to compression: maximum of 1 bar or 14.5 psi.

• PP/PE: for industrial use, red/white
• Operating temperature: PP/PE +5 up to +40 °C
• Resistant to compression max. 1 bar or 14.5 psi
• With mounting plate for easy installation
Phone our customer service at 800-828-6595 or contact by e-mail with any questions.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Answer the age long question of profitability vs quality with DispoSamplers


DispoSamplers will meet all your food sampling needs.

What would be the use of samples that are contaminated with previous ones? Absolutely nothing! On the contrary, these are the most expensive samples imaginable, as they lead to incorrect results.

However, high-quality cleaning of a sampler costs time and money. Cleaning is also more often complicated, especially for greasy, adhesive or hazardous substances.

Trained personnel should not be concerned with cleaning tasks, but correct sampling - the credo of our customers in all branches. Wholly driven by our motto: correct sampling. The cleaning methods need not be revalidated and complied with during regular audits, either.

Collect samples - instead of complicated cleaning! Disposable product - unpack, take sample, recycle! Made of environmentally friendly, recyclable PE or PP. No contamination with other samples, no complicated, time-consuming, expensive cleaning.

Disposable samplers are produced under clean-room conditions, they are dust free and individually packed in film. Optionally available as sterilized with gamma rays.

Refer to our DispoSampler sales sheet or visit Dynalon Labware for additional information on our DispoSampler series of disposable samplers.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

UN 3H1 Rating Change on Dynalon Baritainer® Jerry Cans, 4L, 5L, and 10 Liter

UN 3H1 Rating Change 

Product Change Details:
The 4 liter, 5 liter and 10 liter Baritainer Jerry Cans will change from their current UN 3H1/X rating to the UN 3H1/Y rating. Each Baritainer Jerry Can will contain a molded-in UN 3H1/Y marking.
Effective Date:
This change is effective immediately. Please update your product content, copy, web site listings and accordingly notify all customers about this UN packaging rating change. Our current on-hand inventory is in transition on the 5L and 10L Baritainer, followed by the 4L Baritainer.

Dynalon Part Numbers:
    • 405594-0004 Baritainer Jerry Can Natural HDPE/Quoral 4L
    • 405594-0001 Baritainer Jerry Can Natural HDPE/Quoral 5L
405594-0002 Baritainer Jerry Can Natural 
HDPE/Quoral 10L

For questions concerning this notice, please contact Dynalon Customer Service 
at or (800) 334-7585.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Custom Plastic Spill Trays

Our custom plastic spill trays are made your way!

Dynalab Corp. manufactures custom plastic spill trays in a variety of materials. Custom plastic trays are shipped from our Rochester, NY warehouse daily. Our facility also has a wide range of stock plastic spill containment trays available for immediate shipment. 

Stock plastics for use in spill trays are normally Polypropylene and HDPE but please don't feel limited as our CNCs are capable of high end materials such as PTFE. If you are unsure the correct plastic for your custom tray requirements, please refer to our plastic properties section. All custom plastic trays can be fitted with lids and dispensing spigots upon request.

Every Made in the USA plastic spill containment tray is spark tested at 50,000 volts to ensure leak-proof seams. E-mail us your custom plastic tray request today!