Friday, July 1, 2011

Here we go!

All the months of research, interviews, preparation have brought Dynalab Corp / Dynalon Labware to this very day! 

You may think I am referring to our go live date for Infor Syteline but unfortunately that's not it yet. This is day one of tangible goods and something new here at Dynalab Corp to make a go live date possible.

Our IT Manager is busy right now moving in the new servers and various other pieces of hardware that will soon be operations central for our company (our employees will always be the backbone of Dynalab). We have spent more than 18 months in time and resources to get here. Fortunately Brian understands what a cryptocluster is (if I even spelled that right). All I have been asking for is a computer system that will aid in more timely and efficient customer service. He's the one responsible for understanding what hardware moves us towards that goal. No pressure right?

The features of this new ERP system are beyond our comprehension after operating this company on "green screen" for probably 25 or more years. We are going to see if "paperless" is just a catchphrase or is it truly possible. What will be do with all those filing cabinets or better yet the band aids for paper cuts!

As we all head out for the long holiday weekend my idea of Independence involves starting back on Tuesday with the hardware in place to get our software project in process. Dynalab Corp. is hoping for an October 1st Independence Day for our customers.

Happy 4th of July to all, wishing you a safe and rewarding holiday weekend!

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