Friday, July 8, 2011

Delay in supply of ADS cabinets

Dynalab Corp. started this year energized about a partnership with ADS to supply their line of safety cabinets including the Bio II Biological Safety Cabinet, Optigel Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet and IV-Gel Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet

Since the excitement of our product launch which included press releases, we have encountered the reality of red tape associated with selling these products in the United States. Al cabinets are CE marked but the delays have been compounded for UL and NSF certifications. All are in process and we hope to be complete by the Fall of 2011. The ADS products show real promise in the states as the pile of leads shows. Hopefully soon we also have the actual product in house.

Thank you all for your patience. We are proud to represent the ADS line and are doing everything within our power to make these fine products available in the North American market.

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