Friday, April 3, 2009

Overstock - who wins? You do!

In the world of distribution there is a constant guessing game of what to have in stock and how much is enough. The outcome of this game sometimes is a loser for the company but a huge win for the consumer! Dynalab Corp lists our overstock science equipment and plastic lab supplies in the "Specials" section of our website.

These items can be reduced in cost sometimes 50% or more just to get our inventory levels back in line. These are all brand new, no scratches, dents or other defects and would be an excellent buy for any laboratory, school or industry looking to save a few dollars and in this current economy aren't we all trying to save a few dollars?

One such example are the short form Hydrometer Racks shown above manufactured in our Rochester, NY custom plastic fabrication facility. There was a customer buying heavy on this line that unfortunately lost their customer demand so we have 15 hydrometer racks in stock that we are selling at a 55% discount of $32 each! Orders can be placed securely through our website or phone customer service at 800-828-6595.
The answer is obvious, the customer wins big in cases of overstock and my advice would be to actually phone Dynalab Corp. if you are interested in high volumes of these overstock items because you never know how low the price can go!

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