Friday, March 30, 2012

Dynalon to attend SEHSA 2012 Spring Conference

The SEHSA 2012 Spring Conference is being held in Albany, NY on April 1-3, 2012!

The SEHSA 2012 Spring Conference is being co-hosted by the Northeast Biological Safety Association (NBSA)!  The Northeast Biological Safety Association (NBSA) is a multi-disciplinary professional organization designed to enhance and promote the knowledge and understanding of biological safety throughout the Northeast Region of the United States and Canada. It represents the interests of its members and the American Biological Safety Association in all areas relating to biological safety with the objective of ensuring protection of public health or the environment from biological substances or materials.

Proud to exhibit, Dynalon Labware is a leading wholesaler of quality disposable, reusable plastic laboratory supplies and science equipment throughout North America. Dynalon is the wholesale division of Dynalab Corporation located in Rochester, NY. Founded in 1957, Dynalon Labware is proud to be your supplier of choice for over 50 years.

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Whether your needs include biological safety cabinets and accessories, special barrier containers to store and ship chemicals, benchguard liners, beta radiation shields, biohazard splash shields or waste containers Dynalon Labware is your source for safety.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bio-bin® Waste Disposal Containers

2.5L Bio-bin Loop Model

Bio-bin® Waste Disposal Containers are the ideal solution for biohazard or non-hazardous waste. REDUCE Cost, Weight, Transport, CO2 Emissions, Storage Space

  • Space efficient, light weight fold-flat design
  • Built-in lid and handles
  • Temporary & permanent seals
  • Stackable post use. UN 3291 Approved
  • Printed user instructions & user ID/date information on lid
  • Waterproof construction
  • Built-in super absorbent Bio-matt™ to soak up any excess liquid in Bio-bin
  • Autoclavable. Use with #202065 Autoclave Sterility Tape.
  • Supplied with 2 x 2” Biohazard Waste Labels
  • Reorder information printed on the Bio-bins
Bio-bins are a new cost effective and convenient alternative to rigid plastic waste collection and disposal containers. Ideal for use in academic, clinical, government and industrial laboratories for a wide range of non-sharps biomedical and laboratory waste that require special heat treatment such as autoclaving or incineration before disposal. Items such as microbiological loops, pipettes, tips, test tubes, swabs and vials are ideal for disposal by this method.

This new bench top Bio-bin 2.5L size is ideal for disposal of non-sharps biomedical and laboratory waste, up to 9" (228mm) in length  such as microbiological inoculating loops, disposable,  single use instruments, transfer pipettes, swabs. The  longer base allows waste to lie flat on the bottom reducing  wastage. Built-in Bio-matt absorbs approx 1/2 liter of  liquid. Items such as microbiological loops, pipettes,  tips, test tubes, swabs and vials are ideal for disposal by  this method.

6L Bio-bin Pipette Model
The 6 liter Bio-bin is specially designed for the collection and disposal of contaminated laboratory serological pipettes and other long, non-sharps items up to 15" (380mm) in  length. The 6 liter Bio-bins are available with two (2) styles of stainless steel stands for bench/work station (U Stand) and floor use (Z Stand). The U Stand conveniently holds the Bio-bin in place at an angle and is ideal for use in biological safety cabinets.

Bio-bin® Waste Disposal Container, 30 Liter (Floor Model) is ideal for holding larger quantities and/or larger sizes of non-sharps biomedical and laboratory waste such as bottles, cups, culture flasks, petri dishes, microplates, roller bottles, vials, etc. The built-in Bio-matt™ absorbs approx 1 liter of liquid.

Bio-bins are currently available in 2.5L and 6L with a 30L model due in June 2012. Review our Bio-bin literature for further Bio-bin details. Call or e-mail Dynalab Corp. for a free sample.