Friday, March 11, 2011

Where does time go?

I made a New Year's resolution to put weekly entries into our blog... 
how am I doing?

Easy answer... not good! If I can't seem to keep up the schedule (which obviously I can't) then I should at least start posting what's going on at Dynalab Corp. keeping me so busy! I am on a team of employees chosen to investigate a new ERP system. This project has been in progress for close to a year now. We spent the majority of that time talking with many key employees and flow charting how we do everything currently. 

RFI have been sent to a number of software companies. Now the fun begins, seeing what they have to offer and how it will fit our company's needs. The list is down to a hand full of companies which doesn't seem like many for such an expensive purchase until communication overlaps between them all. Our IT Manager is facilitating that part and I don't envy him at all. 

Although we feel our customer commitment is high there are definitely processes that could be automated serving you all better. We want to grow our customer relationships, instill confidence in our abilities and overall grow the business for all.

Any customers out there willing to share their similar ERP experience please chime in!

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