Thursday, January 7, 2010

Throwing money away... literally

Would you spend significantly more money on absorbent lab matting that gets thrown in the garbage?

If so, continue with other lines of absorbent matting but if you see the obvious cost savings in not only a comparable but even slightly larger and more absorbent lab matting product then read on!

It's not often you can compare two product lines so incredibly similar with almost a 40% price difference. After a little market research (and I do mean little because the competition is on many sites at these higher prices) we found our BenchGuard Absorbent Matting to be a comparable product to the competition at a much lower price.

BenchGuard is a proven highly absorbent lab matting that does everything the same as our competition. They are both supplied in wallet sheets of 50 or rolls of 50 meters in a choice of standard or heavy duty absorption. BenchGuard even has a higher absorption rate of 800 ml/m² over the competitors 750 ml/m².

Review the information, be shocked by the price difference then change your absorbent lab matting to BenchGuard immediately! If you would like a free sample to see for yourself please e-mail our customer service department at

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