Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dynalon to attend IFT 2009

Dynalon Labware President Martin Davies and Product Manager Steve Yudicky will be making the long trip west to attend IFT International Food Nanoscience Conference 2009 June 6th through the 9th in Anaheim, California. Visit Dynalon Labware at booth #423 Sunday through Tuesday of the conference. Full IFT Nanoscience Conference 2009 agenda.

Conference Objectives:
  • To discuss the current and emerging scientific and technological developments in food nanoscience
  • To explore potential environmental and health and safety implications of nanoscale science and technology and to review regulatory updates
  • To review case studies of successful production and marketing of novel products based on nanoscale science and technology


This year’s conference will highlight the very latest and emerging developments in the application of nanoscale science and technology in food. Illustrations of current uses or near uses in commerce will be discussed. All aspects of the continuum from research to the table including product development, formulation and testing, scale-up for commercial production, safety assessment, and regulatory and consumer issues will be examined. The assessment of potential environmental and health and safety implications, as well as regulatory developments, will be addressed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NEW 4 Liter Plastic Cylinder, PP Squat Form

I must admit, when asked to show this new 4 Liter Polypropylene Squat Form Plastic Cylinder at a recent show I thought, this thing is HUGE who could possibly need a cylinder this big? Measuring in with a 8" octagonal base and just under 2' feet tall, this is one serious cylinder!

Steve Yudicky our product manager made sure to point out its features such as the detachable base that unscrews leaving a tube that's 4.875" in diameter with 50mL subdivisions and 500mL graduation markings all the way up one side.

So off I went and to my surprise it was a huge hit (no pun intended). I never thought labs would think this was such an amazing product (did I mention my Art Degree yet today?). Steve was right and the orders are rolling in from all over the world after being in the market only months. So far the demand has been centered in the Industrial segment with numerous labs buying in smaller quantities.

Demand is so strong that I held off posting new product releases until we were sure stock could cover any spikes... which brings me to the here and now. This is a quality plastic cylinder, the largest I have ever seen (again... art major here) with clearly printed blue graduations. It is calibrated TC/TD In 20ÂșC +/- 50mL and weighs less than 11 lbs when at full capacity.

Use for measuring large volumes, mixing and making up solutions and buffers. Complies with ISO 6706 and US FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 for use with Food and Beverage. Autoclavable (repeated autoclaving may affect accuracy).

My suggestion, check these 4L plastic cylinders out and order while we have stock available!