Friday, June 24, 2011

Year of change

This has been a fun week and it's only going to get more interesting throughout the remainder of 2011. 

I have been blogging about our new ERP system to be implemented by October 1st, 2011 but haven't given out the surprise yet that Dynalab Corp. is also moving to a new building about 15 miles away. Oh yes, we are up for big challenges this year!

This week has been spent in meetings designing the new building layout and talking with movers. It's been a nice reprieve from the new computer system except our IT Manager has the fortune of being heavily involved in both projects.

This fun will continue for months but we need to keep our customers happy through it all. We're in process on stock control prior to the move. It's tough having the right stock in the right building at the right time when there are 2 of them! The plan is to move in December and be fully functional in the new site upon return from our holiday shut down on January 2nd, 2012.

This all seems so far away but will be here far too soon! New address notifications will be sent in the Fall to all active customers. As for now, this week is over so it's time to meet with my house for a couple days!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Baritainer® jerry cans replace far more expensive materials

Baritainers offer a new alternative solution for packaging, storing & transporting chemicals that usually require glass, metal, fluorinated HDPE or other single barrier containers.

KEY APPLICATIONSQUORAL® (patent pending) based Baritainer Jerry Cans can be used to safely transport solvents such as household chemicals, industrial & laboratory chemicals, cleaning solvents, adhesives, wood preservatives, automotive additives, additives in the agricultural, automotive photo chemical sector. They can be used to safely transport foodstuffs such as flavors, edible oils, essential oils and other industry products such as cosmetics and fragrances. Baritainer Jerry Cans offer an attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to glass, metal containers, coextruded or fluorinated containers and other single-layer barrier containers, polyester and PVC containers.

SPECIFICATIONSUN X rated Jerry Can with black screw closure. Closure neck: DIN 50 or DIN 60 with tamper-evident system

COMPOSITIONJerry Can: Natural, QUORAL® (pat. pend.) and HDPE
Screw cap: Black HDPE. Screw cap Inner liner: Alveolit TA SF cross link polyethylene

Baritainer Frequently Asked Questions