Friday, May 14, 2010

SMP40 automatic melting point system uses the latest technology

Now available for the first time in the North American market, SMP40 automatic melting point system uses the latest technology in digital image processing to accurately identify the melt of up to three samples simultaneously

The SMP40 automatic melting point uses the latest technology in digital image processing to accurately identify the melt of up to three samples simultaneously. The unit comes with a 5.7 inch colour VGA display, on which the melt can be watched real time, or the melt video will automatically be saved as an AVI file that can be reviewed later, either on the unit or via PC, providing traceability long after the sample has gone. The result can also be overridden if for any reason you dont agree with the result calculated by the image processing algorithm.

The SMP40 is fully programmable via the touch screen display, once the user has set the plateau temperature up to the maximum temperature of 400°C they can select the ramp rate, between 0.1 and 10°C in 0.1°C increments. During use a library of preset methods can be built up to streamline the method input for repeat measurements. For materials where the user is unaware of an approximate melting point, and therefore unable to set the plateau temperature, the SMP30 can be used in rapid melt mode. During rapid melt mode a fast scan of the full temperature range is undertaken to provide an approximate melt temperature, then a method will be automatically programmed with the appropriate plateau temperature to allow a more accurate measurement to be carried out.

The SMP40 has an innovative split design concept, the unit can be used as normal or the control side and the melt side can be separated, allowing for the maximum in footprint flexibility. After the samples have been loaded the melt side of the unit can be placed at the back of the bench or even in a fume cupboard to catch any potentially dangerous fumes. Once the unit has been split the control panel side can be used in two orientations, either landscape or portrait to allow the perfect viewing angle whether you are sat or stood at the bench, the screen automatically changes orientation with the unit.

The unit can store up to 200 result files with videos, if required data can be easily transferred from the unit to a flash memory drive or PC via one of the USB connectors.

The unit has been designed to include a number of other useful features such as slots to accommodate pre-prepared samples and a draw to house your unused melting point tubes. Also included in the draw is a handy glass cutter, which can be used to accurately cut tubes in half quickly and cleanly for users who prefer to use half tubes.

All units are supplied with a calibration certificate showing individual serial numbers for traceability. The SMP40 conforms to Pharmacopeia and GLP.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sterilin Pipettes Offer Best Quality Assurance Yet for Endotoxin-Sensitive Applications

The wide range of Serological Pipettes available from Sterilin is now certified non-pyrogenic to 0.01EU/ml - significantly lower than the market standard of 0.25EU/ml. The range has also been validated non-haemolytic in accordance with BS EN ISO 10993-4:2002 Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices.

These valuable assurances allow pharmaceutical and clinical scientists to have confidence in their results.

When pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers perform tests to ensure that their products are free from endotoxins, it is extremely important for them to have confidence in the equipment and materials that they use. Certified non-pyrogenic to a lower level than ever before, Sterilin Serological Pipettes greatly reduce the risk of endotoxin interference in routine laboratory analyses (such as LAL testing) and, therefore, help to ensure the integrity of results.

Similarly, when pipetting blood and blood products, it is important that the polymer used does not have a detrimental effect on the sample. Validated non-haemolytic, Sterilin Serological Pipettes protect samples and provide valuable assurance that they will not interfere with the results of haemolysis tests.

Sterilin Serological Pipettes are manufactured from crystal grade polystyrene to ensure excellent clarity. With crisp black print, ascending and descending graduations, and negative graduations for extra capacity, volumes are extremely easy to read and accurate to +/- 1%. The comprehensive range includes standard pipette sizes (1, 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50ml) in addition to 'Shortie' pipettes (5 and 10ml), which are ideal for use in laminar flow cabinets. The gamma irradiated pipettes are individually wrapped in paper peel or plastic film to maintain quality during storage.

For further information about Sterilin Serological Pipettes and the full range of high quality disposable plastic products available in North America, please visit the
single use section of the Dynalab Corp. website or email

Monday, May 10, 2010

SMP30 digital advanced melting point system is designed for fast accurate determination of melting points

Now available for the first time in the North American market, SMP30 melting point apparatus is supplied complete with pack of 100 melting point tubes, open at one end and features a 3 year warranty!

Designed for fast accurate determination of melting points, the SMP30 can take three samples simultaneously within the optimised heating block, the unit has a maximum temperature of 400°C. To allow maximum flexibility a plateau facility is included with variable ramp rate between 0.5 and 10°C in 0.1°C increments. The tubes are illuminated with bright white LED's to give the clearest view of the samples during the melt. The block has been designed for easy access for cleaning, the front of the head is fully removable to allow full access to the micro furnace.

The SMP30 has a large clear back lit alphanumeric LCD display, running the menu system which clearly guides you through the melting process with comprehensive directions. Language is switchable between English, German, French and Italian. It is possible to record up to 8 events in memory for each of the three sample tubes, as well as being temperature stamped these events are also date and time recorded, thanks to the integrated real time clock.

The SMP30 features the patent pending head up display, this unique feature displays a floating image of the block temperature, visible through the eyepiece, in front of the tubes. The head up display eliminates the need for the user to keep switching their gaze between the tubes and the temperature display, through the eyepiece they can now see both at once.

To allow the most comfortable viewing angle the SMP30 features a two stage head adjustment, in the first movement the head is pulled towards the user, then in a separate motion the angle of the head can be adjusted by up to 126°, and will automatically hold in place due to the torsion resistant design to create the perfect viewing angle. The head can then be stored safely back within the body of the unit for storage.

The design of the unit has lots of other useful features such as slots for storing pre-prepared samples and a storage draw to hold a container of capillary tubes.