Friday, September 19, 2008

TGIF, one more to go...

The good news is, it's FRIDAY! The bad news is, there's only one more Friday before our fiscal year end which means the craziness is ramping up by the minute. As some of you may know, Dynalab has been tossed around a bit for the past 10 years since being bought by then UK company Bibby Sterilin. The entire group was then bought by Barloworld out of South Africa and most recently (last Fall) by another UK company Nova Capital.

Since Nova Capital is a holding group, we are sort of back out on our own which means this is the first year that our year end numbers are truly ours! It's been an exciting year though and despite the rising energy and raw materials costs we are somehow weathering the storm. As you may have read in an earlier entry, we bucked the system and held our prices through the end of the year when much of our competition caved to the mid-year increase.

This means we have put hours of time reviewing the most effective increases, truly line by line on over 3,000 line items to make sure our customers are getting the most fair prices possible. It would be simple to throw a flat rate across the board and call it a day, but we resisted that urge and opted to "get it right" so to speak.

Our 2009 pricing will start entering the market in the month of October to give our customers time to adjust prior to the January 1st effective date. We hope you can understand the need for these increases, as we keep saying to each other, have you filled up with gas in your car lately? There is the answer to our increases, plastics are a petroleum based product which leaves us no choice but to pass these massive increases on to our customer base.

As usual, the lines of communication are open here at Dynalab Corp. A quick call to 800-828-6595 with any questions is always worth the time. Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!