Thursday, July 10, 2008

We're holding on for 2009!

As the summer heat rises it seems so are the prices in the laboratory supply sector. Over the past couple weeks there have been rumors and confirmations from such companies as ThermoFisher that prices will be rising mid-year to consumers on such products as laboratory plasticware.

We as a manufacturer / supplier have been absorbing the constant resin increases for months now but it has become unbearable and actually risky to our businesses to continue as if nothing is happening. We receive price increases sometimes weekly at this point on our purchased in goods for distribution. To say margins are dwindling is an understatement, they are dropping!

Dynalab Corp. / Dynalon Labware have decided to forego the mid-year increase (many of our competitors and distributors are raising prices on August 1st, 2008) with plans to hold out for a full year increase in the 2009. We hope our customers appreciate our efforts and continue with business as usual.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Monthly specials hitting the mark...

Our concerted effort to reach the end users by offering monthly specials, direct mail pieces and e-mail campaigns is paying off. We are on our 4th month of a changing web special and the response has been outstanding! Thank you for your continued support and please let us know if there is either a new product you would like to see Dynalab Corp. offer or something that we already offer you think we can improve on the quality or pricing.

July Dynalab Corp. Special - SAVE 25% off Kartell Cell Culture products

  • Tissue embedding sponge

  • Regular size tissue embedding cassettes available in six colors

  • Medium to large size tissue embedding cassettes available in 5 colors

  • Embedding rings available in 5 colors

  • Stainless Steel trays for histology in both standard and biopsy type